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The Most Powerful Tool of a Writer


Lord, reveal and remove my pride. Extend and expand my humility. Amen

A simple prayer but a powerful one. All work for God, whether writing, preaching, praying, parenting, teaching, loving, giving, sharing, all work that we do that bears fruit in the world starts with our humility.

Humility is being humble. The word, humble, comes from the root word, humus, which is soil. Like dirt, we aren’t much without God’s Spirit in us. When we recognize that, we become open to God’s work through us, and His power to do amazing things in the world.

Today, before you come to the keyboard, the office, the breakfast table, the bedroom chair, the classroom, pray for humility. It is a prayer that God loves to answer.

Today, see what God can do through you.

Betsy and Laurie

Ten Definitions of Humility


Be Strong in the Lord


We are excited to introduce our new book, Be Strong in the Lord: Praying for the Armor of God for Your Children.

It is encouraging to us that so many people are praying for their children. We had such a good response to our first book,The Lord is Their Shepherd: Praying Psalm 23 for Your Children, that we are excited to share with you this new book focusing on the armor of God.

Here’s a little about the book:

We long for our children to be safe and secure in a dangerous world. We invest in security systems for our homes. We buckle our children into car seats. But are they safe? Are we missing something? What if prayer could make a difference?

In a world that is unsafe, God provides protection by giving us his equipment for security: the armor of God. Within the verses of Ephesians, we find everything our children need for their protection – truth, righteousness, faith, service, salvation, scripture, and prayer.

Fourteen devotional messages and prayers will equip you to pray these powerful verses for your children.

Thanks to all our readers!

Betsy and Laurie







The Lord is Their Shepherd

TLITS Cover 5.2 MB

We’re excited to introduce our newest book, The Lord is Their Shepherd: Praying Psalm 23 for Your Children.

This book started several years ago when we were researching Psalm 23 for our book, The Shepherd’s Song. The power of those ancient words comparing our relationship to God as sheep to a shepherd impressed us. We found that the promises of the psalm began to work their way into our prayers for ourselves and for others, especially for our children and grandchildren. We began to share our thoughts and prayers for children with our email followers.

Since then we’ve had a number of requests for those devotions and prayers. Now, we are happy to say that they are available in paperback and on Kindle.

 Here’s a little about the book:

Do you want to pray the powerful words of Psalm 23 for the children in your life? This book will help you do just that. Fourteen devotions and prayers will guide you as you learn about yourself, your children, and God, our Shepherd.

Thanks to all our readers!

Betsy and Laurie


He Restores My Soul: A Guest Post by Nan Jones

God's living water

He Restores My Soul  by Nan Jones

 The mountain stream tumbled over the rocks, softening the jagged edges, smoothing the crevices into one complete beautiful stone. Day after day, moment by moment, the flowing water did its work transforming the broken places of the stone.

I think of the broken places in my life – the loss of loved ones, unemployment, a beautiful marriage destroyed. I think of the jagged places that are sharp and painful. I think of the crevices that run deep and allow my heart to bleed when I least expect it.

And then I think of the Living Water of my God that flows over and through my heart. Day after day, moment by moment … ever-flowing, ever-washing, ever-smoothing away the jagged, broken places.

His grace.

His grace is amazing indeed.

The Lord is my shepherd;
I have all that I need.
 He lets me rest in green meadows;
he leads me beside peaceful streams.
He renews my strength.
He guides me along right paths,
bringing honor to his name.

~ Psalm 23:1-3, NLT

CCCIMG-2460-274x274We are happy to have our friend, Nan Jones, sharing with us today. Nan uses the words of her heart to assist fellow Christians in discovering the Presence of God in their darkest hour. Her debut book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife was released June 30, 2015 by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.  You may visit Nan at her website: or her blog, Morning Glory: Nan has also created a facebook community page, Seeing Beyond The Veil. For personal communication you may email Nan at


perf5.500x8.500.indd The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The Perils of A Pastor’s Wife will help mend your heart that has been burned in the lonely fires of ministry. Sweet Sister—somewhere, somehow, somebody knows. You are not alone.

Writing Tips From Jesus: Two


Writing Tips From Jesus: Take Off Your Outer Garment

Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God; so he got up from the meal, took off his outer garment, and wrapped a towel around his waist.  John 13: 3-4

Take off your outer garment.  But we don’t like exposure. A writer’s ego is fragile.

There is a poet who hides her beautiful poetry under her bed in a box. Another writer burns her journals. A friend of ours will not tell his story because his sisters would not approve.

After publishing The Lord of the Rings Tolkien said, “I have exposed my heart to be shot at.”  And there are those that would take target practice on our hearts.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. compared a critical reviewer to “a knight in armor beating up on a hot fudge sundae.” And there are those knights in armor waiting.

We are all protective of ourselves.  Writers can’t be. We “take off our outer garment” and serve by being vulnerable. When we write, we show ourselves and connect with others by being transparent, allowing others to see inside of us. It’s risky. 

There is a cost to the exposure that writing brings.

Knowing that God has all things under control makes us brave. We make a choice to be “shot at” and “beat up” and we expose our thoughts anyway. We let go of fear and use our one wonderful life for His Glory.

How did Jesus do it?  How do you do it?

Betsy and Laurie


Writing Tips From Jesus: One


But Jesus stooped down and with His finger wrote on the ground. John 8:6

On this earth nothing we write will last. All is temporary, even the old classics are fading as new writers rise up.  In a thousand years or even a hundred who will be remembered?

 In the Bible God wrote twice.  Once with his finger reaching down to give the law on two stone tablets.  Then again as Jesus wrote with finger, this time scribbling in the sand.

When Jesus wrote men were ready to stone a woman for adultery.  Jesus made a space in time.  He slowed down the action as he scribbled and the men were changed. No one knows what he wrote.

It’s the idea that art is something unexpected and creative and creates a space in time where we can hear God.  Michael Card.

 Perhaps no one will remember our words, but if we can create a space for God though our writing our readers can be changed eternally. God can speak into that space and time.

What is your goal as a writer? Bestseller list? Fame? Few attain those goals and the satisfaction is temporary. What if we could shift our focus and write from the perspective of eternity. The best writing creates a space in a reader’s mind and heart for God to enter.

A blog, a tweet, a story written for our children, a devotional message in the church newsletter, a lesson prepared for a small group. All writing is important and at the same time all writing is just scribbling in the sand. 

Some are called to be prophetic goads, and some giants may hammer in firmly embedded nails. But the rest of us can aspire, with no tinge of shame, to scribbling in the sand.  Philip Yancey

What do you think?

Betsy and Laurie

Write With Power


What power there is in the pen. The power to allow a reader to step into a world of our creating and experience truth, love, revelation, joy.  Or with stories we can take a reader to a place of fear, hate, abuse. Our creator God has made us in His image to create. It’s up to us how we will wield that power. 

  • Light or darkness
  • Love or hate
  • Building up or tearing down

“A farmer went out to sow some seeds . . .”  Jesus begins a story that is layered with meaning but simple.  The reader, even years after the telling, has room to move around in the story.  Jesus loves the reader.

“A man had two sons . . .”  Jesus begins again and our hearts are drawn into the narrative, listening and experiencing, not manipulated and controlled. In humility Jesus creates the world of a story and gives it to us. 

In the best writing the author is invisible. The reader enjoys the story without awareness of the writer’s agenda. The author’s intent and focus as been on the reader, not on himself. 

As writers, storytellers, mothers, fathers, teachers we use words every day. The most powerful words are spoken or written in love and humility.

How will you use your words today?

Betsy and Laurie


Want to be a better writer? Take off your shoes.

Sneakers on a Pier1

Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground. Ex. 3:5; Josh. 5:15

Want to be a better writer? Take off your shoes.

 Sometimes when we are writing, the self slips away, out of the chair, gone, but the typing continues.  Then the words on the screen seem to come from a place beyond ourselves, a holy place. In those elusive moments we feel the hands of God take our hands and the result is something beyond our own ability.

 When God appeared to Moses and later to Joshua, He told them the same thing: “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” (Ex. 3:5; Josh. 5:15).

 Two writers share about this thought:

 So why did God ask them to take off their sandals? I think it was an act of humility, an act of worship. It was a way of acknowledging absolute dependence on God. . . In case you care, one of my idiosyncrasies is that I remove my shoes whenever I’m writing. I do it as a reminder that I need God’s anointing. It reminds me that I am fulfilling a sacred calling.  Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle

 Why should you take off your shoes in the Lord’s presence? Because without shoes you are not going anywhere. You might try to walk, but you will not get very far. . . Barefootedness means immobilization, and so it is a symbol of submission. Being immobile . . . is a prerequisite for all activity, all service. Mike Mason, The Gospel According to Job

Could it make a difference in our writing to take off our shoes? Sometimes our small actions in the physical world can reveal our desire in the spiritual world. We might move into a place of surrender by a small act of submission. 

 Maybe we should all take off our shoes today as we sit down to write.

Try it and let us know what happens.

 Betsy and Laurie





Start the New Year Out Right


Something about the first week of the year makes me feel like I’m starting a race, lined up ready for the gun to sound. This week I flipped over my calendar to 2015 and suddenly deadlines loom closer. Email messages are flowing in reminding me of promises that I made. It’s time to begin working on the goals listed on the paper before me. It can be overwhelming.

On your mark…

English: Anxious Athlete Waiting at Starting Line

Where is our starting point for the New Year? It’s a good time to take inventory. What were my achievements in the past year?  What are my goals for this one? If we are rooted and grounded  before we start, the race will go better. We wouldn’t get far in the race if we didn’t know where we were headed.

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me–the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.  Acts 20:24

Get set…

English: Athletic Feet of Runner Positioned at...

Take a breath. Focus on one thing at a time. Life is lived one moment at a time. Writing requires perseverance, one word, one paragraph, one page, one chapter at a time. A slow persistence.  Persevere. God provides our daily bread – just enough for today.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. 1 Corinthians 9:24


English: Swift Form of a Runner about to Begin...

Okay. Time to begin. The route is marked out ahead. Let’s run it. The New Year has already begun. Let’s live it well!

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

Happy New Year,

Betsy and Laurie

First published at the WordServe Watercooler.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

  Hebrews 12:1

Love Came Down: Three


 People walking in the darkness have seen a great light.  Isaiah 9:2

We love these words from Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp:

Our God who breathed stars into the dark—He breathed Bethlehem’s Star, then He became a baby with lungs and breathed in stable air. We are all saved and rescued from the hopeless dark because God came with infant fists and opened wide His hands to hold yours.    Ann Voskamp, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

Merry Christmas to you all!

Betsy and Laurie

Here are our readings from Christmas 2013 for you. Click Here.

And one last lovely song for 2014.  See you next year!

Love came down at Christmas
Love all lovely, love divine
Love was born at Christmas
Star and angels gave the sign.

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