If your life was a book, what kind would it be?

David Russell Photography--019 A page-turner, a steamy love story, a light beach read, or a serious epic novel? We can decide what our stories become. Today you can change your story.

Your life already has all the elements of a good read. We bet you have a backstory.  There are things in our lives, in our parents lives, and even in the lives of our ancestors that influence who we are and how we act. We bet your life includes some major characters. And possibly some colorful secondary characters. Maybe you have experienced some plot twists. Lows and highs are part of a good book, and part of life.

What about the ending?  If you are reading this you are still in the story. Can the book of your life be different? More interesting? More significant?

Our life stories become significant when we see them as a part of a bigger story, God’s story. The question becomes: Can we take the small book of our life and become a page, or a sentence, or even one word in the huge story of God? Join with us as we explore your story, our story, and God’s story. 

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