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Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Where there is no vision the people perish.”

— Proverbs 29:18

A children’s book writer shared one of her fan letters with me.  Printed with crayon on bright yellow construction paper it read: “Thank you for writing god books.” We chuckled at the truth in the error, god vs. good. But later it made me think:

What is different between a good book and a God book?

As I grow in my faith and as my writing efforts shift to Christian books I want to know the difference. How do I write as a follower of Jesus?  What does Christ-centered writing look like?   Christ-centered writing begins with God’s idea instead of my idea, but how do I know the difference?

In his book Visioneering, Andy Stanley presents two ways to know the distinction between good ideas and God ideas:

1.  A God-ordained vision will eventually feel like a moral imperative.

Have you ever had the idea for a book that would not let you go? “As the burden in you grows, you will feel compelled to take action.” My ideas wane over time, God’s grow stronger.

2.  A God-ordained vision will be in line with what God is doing in the world.

My ideas serve myself or advance my career.  God’s ideas are part of a bigger plan.  This is not always apparent at first.  “Initially, you may not see a connection.  If not, wait.”

My idea?  Or God’s idea? Will I ever know for sure? Probably not, but I am encouraged that Jesus was big on restoring people’s vision.

Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes.  Immediately they received their sight and followed him.”  Matthew 20:29

May my eyes be opened too.

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  1. melissa
    November 11, 2011 at 10:49 am (7 years ago)

    Oh my goodness! What a treat to find this blog (I’m so glad you stopped by mine and “liked” a post, thus leading me to yours!!!)… I can’t wait to spend some time reading more of your posts, but this one stood out, first for the verse at the top–it’s one of my favorites. And then because of the Andy Stanley reference. I attended his church in Atlanta for 7 years and Visioneering is a book I return to often. SO good!

    And THEN I find that your mother is Betsy Byars!!! Wow. I used to teach 5th grade and started each year reading The Pinballs with/to my students–to start each year by building a community in our classroom. Such fond memories of that book, and my students always loved it–it caused them to come alongside one another and understand one another (differences, histories, stories, etc…). Helped us build such a strong foundation to grow on.

    I apologize for such a wordy comment, but I’m just so excited to find you! 🙂

    Have a great weekend~

  2. shelleyring
    November 15, 2011 at 12:17 am (7 years ago)

    Wow! What a really fabulous post! I had to ask myself those two questions while writing my own book. Many times I wanted to give up, but something compelled me to go one more page, one more scene, one more conflict and resolution. Now I see Him moving in the area of my story (human trafficking) throughout our culture. What a blessing to be part of God’s plan! And what a blessing to find your blog. 🙂

    Thanks for posting and for visiting my site. So good to read you!

  3. Lisa Carter Author
    September 30, 2012 at 12:26 pm (6 years ago)

    Such is the calling of a writer who wants to not just write good books, but write God books—getting out of the way, letting go of my “good” idea and allowing God and His thoughts to take control.

    • Writing Sisters
      September 30, 2012 at 1:25 pm (6 years ago)

      yes, thanks for posting Lisa – good to see you at ACFW

  4. Caddo Veil
    September 30, 2012 at 10:52 pm (6 years ago)

    Thank you, Sisters! This post really encourages me–specifically about my unfinished novel. I realize now, that it is “resting on the shelf” for a very good reason–I’m waiting for God to write the ending. God bless you big–love, sis Caddo

    • Writing Sisters
      October 1, 2012 at 8:30 am (6 years ago)

      In the mean time, you could dive into something new – that’s always exciting!

  5. Christi McGuire
    October 8, 2012 at 4:11 pm (6 years ago)

    I love this…I have found these ways to be so true!


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