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Be Strong in the Lord


We are excited to introduce our new book, Be Strong in the Lord: Praying for the Armor of God for Your Children.

It is encouraging to us that so many people are praying for their children. We had such a good response to our first book,The Lord is Their Shepherd: Praying Psalm 23 for Your Children, that we are excited to share with you this new book focusing on the armor of God.

Here’s a little about the book:

We long for our children to be safe and secure in a dangerous world. We invest in security systems for our homes. We buckle our children into car seats. But are they safe? Are we missing something? What if prayer could make a difference?

In a world that is unsafe, God provides protection by giving us his equipment for security: the armor of God. Within the verses of Ephesians, we find everything our children need for their protection – truth, righteousness, faith, service, salvation, scripture, and prayer.

Fourteen devotional messages and prayers will equip you to pray these powerful verses for your children.

Thanks to all our readers!

Betsy and Laurie







Praying Psalm 23 for Your Children


Quietly, in bedrooms and armchairs across the world a force of power unknown and unseen is unleashed, changing the course of the world: the prayers of faithful women and men for children.

Untold numbers of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles and people of faith lift up prayers.  We do not know how many soldiers have returned home to spouses and loved one because of these prayers.  We will never be able to count the good choices made and bad choices avoided.  How many have been healed?  How many have avoided disaster? How many lives have grown in faith through the quiet prayers of others.

Join us for twelve weeks of prayer from Psalm 23.  Sign up here to receive the weekly email devotional message with a prayer for you to pray for a loved one.  

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Betsy and Laurie

Please share this message with others who might like to join us.  The first week begins June 12.