Draw Near to God: A Decision to Reach Out


O Lord, Almighty,

Blessed is the man who trusts in you.

Psalm 43:12

At some point in life there is a decision to be made.  Should I  reach out to God and find out if He is reaching back?  This takes courage.  We’ve all been there.  He is reaching.  Come and draw near with us.

The Father spoke:

Are you ready, my child?

Yes, but I have nothing to bring except myself.

You are all I need.

Surely I must bring something; I do not feel prepared to travel.

Do not concern yourself with preparations.  Your journey has already begun.

But I am fearful.

There is no need to fear; I will always be with you.

Will you give me what I need?

I will provide for you.

What will you provide?

All that is essential for your journey.

And what is essential?

I will show you along the way.  For now you have what is necessary; the desire to draw close to My heart.

Cynthia Heald,  A Woman’s Journey to the Heart of God

Draw Near to God

September 1 to September 30

Join us here as we share  some of our favorite readings to explore the Psalms of Ascent.

Betsy and Laurie

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8

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  1. bennetta faire
    August 31, 2013 at 6:34 pm (7 years ago)

    More GOOD stuff–thank you, Sisters!! God bless you both abundantly–love, sis Caddo


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